Journal 6/2022 vol. 13

Social Pathology after Pandemia & Armed Conflicts: Abuse, Depression & other Psychosocial Disorders Importancy of legal Support to continue Vaccination – Editorial


Alcoholism – Epidemic of the Current Time after COVID-19 Pandemic (Letter to the Editor)


Deadly Synergy: between Postcovid & Posttrauma Stress Syndrome in Areas of Armed Conflicts in COVID-I9 Era (Note)


Depression not only due to Post COVID-19 Syndrome: Happiness Diary & Mental Health


Survey of Alcohol, substance Abuse, depressive Disorders & other social Pathology in Refugees & Homeless in Postcovid Era: Two cohort nonrandomized Survey of 109 Clients in Post COVID-19 Period


Discussion on COVID-19 Prevention apart of Public Health: Several Judgments of national and international Courts Helps to prepare us for the next Wave of Pandemics (Letter to the Editor)


Public Health Law & The COVID-19 Pandemic (Letter to the Editor)


Comorbidity of Migraine and Depression – Factors for an Efficient & Cross-sectoral Therapy


Comparison of Different self-defense Sprays in the Hands of paramedics – simulation Study


Electromagnetic Fields as a Health Risk Factor


Retail Pharmacies are not just any Businesses – The lack of Public Discussion about the Death of Pharmacies (Letter to the Editor)


Traditional Chinese Medicine in Distance Physiotherapy of non-specific Back Pain during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Preventing the Burnout Syndrome by Creating a Healthy & Healing Environment


Zero COVID 19 Occurrence among 206 of 1023 Migrants of War from Syria at the Czech Border (Rapid Research Note)


Socio-demographic Characteristics of Tick Bite and Erythema migrans not associated with the Diagnosis of Neuroboreliosis


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