Journal 1/2021 vol. 12


Alleviation of Refugee Crisis in Lebanon through Humanitarian Aid Projects of Slovak Development Organizations in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic

Comparison of the Spectrum of Outpatient visits before and after Fire in the Moria Camp after Arrival of Covid-19 Positive Refugees

HIV Mobile Clinic as a Part of the Comprehensive Social and Public Health Program in the Malindi Coastal Area

Understanding Pakhtun Woman’s Vulnerability in Negotiation with their Husbands for HIV/AIDS Screening

One Month or Real Life in a Single Clinic near the Slum Area in Mukuru Urban setting in the Time after COVID-19 Epidemic in Kenya

An Analysis of Anthropometric Measurements of Children Enrolled in Programs for Managing Acute Malnutrition, in Kwale County, Kenya

Application of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in Diagnostics of Influenza during COVID-19 Pandemic in elderly Hospitalized People (Short Communication)

The Emphasis on the Relevant Needs of the Parents of Extremely Premature Infants with Special Regard to the Impact of COVID-19

Highlands Malaria is Common but HIV very rare in Rural Areas of Burundi 2,000 Meters above Sea Level (Short communication)

Covid-19 has only Temporarily Interrupted Social and Health Services in rural Albania in 2020

Financial Literacy as one of the Professional Competencies of Social Workers to Prevent or Solve Socio-economic Problems

St. Philippe Rescue Center in an Area of high Prevalence of HIV Infection in Kisumu and Street Work for Street Boys in Nairobi

Educational Social and Health Joint Bicoloral World & SEU Program for HIV Positive Cambodian Children – Research Note

COVID-19 Pandemics in Uganda led to Cessation of the Comprehensive HIV Program in Rural Areas of North Lake Victoria Region

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